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MIBAFF 2019 Program

Oct 15 to Oct 18

Fine Arts Theater - Maynard

19 Summer St, Maynard, MA 01754

Oct 15 


De Ipanema a Nazarè - Brazil and Portugal shorts

Tango - Felipe Quadra - BR

A Costureirinha/The Little Seamstress - Tiago Santos - PT

After the conversations they say goodbye - Renan Brandão - BR

Viarco - Miguel Gaspar - PT

Ultimo Acto - Final Act - Maria Hespanhol - PT


De Este a Oeste - Mexico and Spain shorts

La Bailaora/The Flamenco Dancer - Rubin Stein - ES

Como y por qué se ha esfumado Don José/How and why Don José dissipated - Moshe Ben-Avraham - ES

Lekaime - Xanti Rodriguez - ES

The Place of Oblivion - Fernanda Tovar - MEX

Nopaltepec - Hiram Islas - MEX

Quiero/I want - Urzula Barba - MEX

Retratos de mi madre/Portraits of my mother - Tavo Ruiz - GER

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Oct 16 


Mirando! - World Documentaries!

The mammalian reflex - Flavia Martínez - MEX

Leaving your skin - Israel Ahumada - MEX


Mirando! - World Documentaries!

Lo que más amas/Love the most - Antti Seppänen - FIN/ES

Director Antti Seppänen will be presenting his work with a short Q&A after

The Mexican Galapagos - Tania Claudia Castillo - MEX

World Taxi - Philipp Majer - GER

This film features five charismatic taxi drivers and their passengers from five different cities: Bangkok, Pristina, Dakar, El Paso and Berlin. For 24 hours, we follow them through their city, their daily routine, their private life, listening to their thoughts. 

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Oct 17


Directoras/Women Directors

Aurorita de mis ojos/Aurorita of my eyes - Natalia Chinchilla - COL

Therese - Fabiana Serpa - SWI


Lo mejor de Mexico!

Help me make it through the night - José Ramón Chávez - MEX

A family is at its breaking point. Dad kicked mom out the house because she has a gambling addiction, the older child´s fiancée wants to cancel their wedding, and the youngest child believes he can fix his family and bring them back together. An accident will make everyone reconsider their decisions; the doctors say one of them will not make it through the night.

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Oct 18


Azúcar - Caribbean Docs

Los viejos heraldos/The olden heralds - Luis Alejandro Yero - CUBA

Esperábamos a que anocheciera/We waited until nightfall  - Wendy V. Muñiz, Guillermo Zouain - DR


with State Rep Kate Hogan & Mexico General Consul D Alberto Fierro Garza

SANGRIA BAR by Azucar/El Huilpil


Lo mejor de Mexico

Cria Puercos/Esmeralda's Twitlight - Ehécatl Garage MEX

With a son abroad, with an absent husband whom she has to take care, Esmeralda even though she is not alone, looses her mind in the middle of a lonely town. But the old woman has a second wind when she gets a baby pig, "Queenie" who gives her back the need to love some one, to take care for something again​

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Cultures and Identities